Airplane Above the Clouds

Pioneering Cannabis For Travel


Our Vision


Copilot aims to provide a safe, simple, and sophisticated cannabis retail experience to travelers across Canada. While 1 in 4 Canadians have already traveled with cannabis, there are no existing cannabis stores in airports. To meet this need, Copilot will provide a curated, accessible, and convenient cannabis purchasing experience to all travels. Buying cannabis should feel as familiar as buying a cup of coffee and we aim to offer customers a retail experience that fulfills our mission of making travel (and purchasing cannabis) a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. Our first store will launch in the summer of 2022 at Prince George Airport (pending regulatory approval), with several other airports around the country interested in opening additional stores. While the recreational cannabis industry has been in existence for almost three years, we at Copilot believe there are still many opportunities to improve where, when, and how cannabis is sold