Help Copilot Come To Prince George

Reach out to the Prince George City Council to voice your support!

As part of the licence approval process, the Prince George City Council is holding a public hearing to hear from community members about our store. We encourage all supporters to submit a letter of support on our behalf below to ensure that City Council approves our store!


A sample letter is enclosed below which can be mailed or emailed to the Prince George City Council.  Supporters can also fill out the form below for Copilot to send a letter on their behalf.

Sign a Letter of Support to Prince George City Council 
(Prince George Residents Only) 

Thank you for helping us bring Copilot to Prince George and the rest of Canada!

Emails can be sent to:

Letters can be addressed to:

City of Prince George

1100 Patricia Blvd

Prince George BC V2L 3V9


Attn: Planning


Re: Application for non-medical cannabis retail at 4141 Airport Road, Prince George

Application Number: RZ100727 & CN000020

Example Text:


Dear City of Prince George,

Please accept this letter as my written support for the above noted project. It is my understanding the applicant is seeking to permit a non-medical cannabis retail store at 4141 Airport Road, Prince George. 


I believe the proposed site within the airport terminal is a good location for a retail store and will benefit the community by increasing job opportunities, enhancing airport revenue and improving the experience for travelers in and out of YXS by offering a safe and convenient form of cannabis shopping. 


Kind regards, 






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